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I.C.C.E. Turkey Profile

I.C.C.E (International Clean room Control and Engineering) was established in 1980 in Bruxelles, Belgium. Istanbul office was established in 1998 as a partnership with Dilek Sunar and became completely Turkish capital in 2003. I.C.C.E Turkey serves validation and training services for pharmaceutical, medical device, electronic, food industries and hospitals with authorized, competent and experienced team and equipments having latest technologies for cleanrooms and operating rooms to be in conformity with international standards.

I.C.C.E Turkey performs trainings since 1998. These training services are incorporated with Academia Life Sciences Centre from 2006.

I.C.C.E Turkey performs trainings particularly about clean rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units, design and validations.

The clean rooms and operating rooms are also reviewed up to validation acceptance criteria during their project design phase and the investments of our customers are protected.

I.C.C.E Turkey was accredited in July 2007 by Turkak in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17020:2005 standard within the scope of ( HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air-Conditioning) and LAF ( Laminar Air Flow) validations, as being valid world wide. I.C.C.E Turkey "TS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005 General Criteria For The Operation Of Various Types Of Bodies Performing Inspection” has been accredited for HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air-Conditioning) and LAF (Laminar Air Flow) Validations by TURKAK on 27th July 2007 with AB-0053-M accreditation number. With this accreditation, our validation reports have gained recognition and validity all over the world and our company has been approved as a third party impartial and independent “Type A” inspection body.

Our studies and supports for cleanrooms and operating rooms to be in conformity with international standards will continue with extension of our accreditation scope.

I.C.C.E Turkey targets to serve abroad via accreditation which is valid worldwide.

I.C.C.E Turkey serves as a “Type A” third party, independent, accredited conformity assessment body in clean room HVAC and LAF validations. Independent and impartial testing and reporting in conformity with international accreditation standards require that the body & person who designs/builds/uses the system and the body & person who performs the test must be different from each other. Due to this requirement, I.C.C.E Turkey only performs and reports the tests of HVAC and LAF systems without constructing/selling/consulting/interference of these systems and without discrimination between customers as being free of any financial and other presses which may affect the service. As impartiality requirement, I.C.C.E Turkey has no partnership or cooperation with any party such as designer, producer, installer, supplier etc. (Regulation On Conformity Assessment Bodies And Accredited Bodies 11.01.2002 and TS EN ISO / IEC 17020:2005 Clause 4 Independence, Impartiality and Integrity)

I.C.C.E Turkey does not perform only the Particle Count test which does not provide any results about the conformity of clean room/operating room when performed individually. This test is one of the conformity assessment criteria of clean rooms and operating rooms. (ISO 14644-1:1999 Appendix B.3 Pretest Conditions) I.C.C.E Turkey, the only authorized and competent body for validation service in conformity with international standards, performs all required tests mentioned in “ISO 14644-3:2005 Test Methods” standard, valid for assessment of conformity of clean rooms and operating rooms, by appropriate equipment, qualified technical personnel and test reports without making any adjustments on results as required by accreditation standard.

I.C.C.E Turkey commits to keep information about itself and customer confidential within its services under “Customer Confidentiality and Impartiality Agreement” and to preserve its’ and customers’ interest with “Professional Liability Insurance”.

I.C.C.E Turkey declares its conformity with this main requirement of accreditation standard with independence, impartiality, integrity and confidentiality commitment.

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